Beam Air Filter

Beam Air Filter


Filter vazduha

System Flow: 350 CFM (adjustable) Air Infelt Interface: ⌀ 100 mm Dimensions: 470 x 260 x 490 mm Weight: 17 kg Package size: 560 x 340 x 560 mm Packaging Weight: 17.3 kg Voltage: AC 220V Power: 180 W Consumables: Pre-filter (10-30 hr) & Medium efficiency filter (50-150 hr) & H13 HEPA filter (100-200 hr) & Charcoal filter (300-600 hr) Filtration: Filters 99.97% of contaminant particles 0.3 µm (Under normal circumstances / usage)


Our Beam Air filter has been upgraded with an extra layer of filter for extra protection and cleaner air.

The filter is easy to install on your Beamo, Beambox & Beambox Pro. Your filter is ready to plug and use without any necessities. 

The Beam Air filter has 4 layers of filter (replacement time):

Pre-Filter (10-30 hours)

Medium efficiency filter (50-150 hours)

H13 HEPA filter (100-200 hours)

Charcoal filter (300-600 hours)

How to install?

*Sve cijene su istaknute bez uračunatog poreza 21%

Dimension (L x W x H) 470 x 260 x 490 Millimetre
Weight 17 Kilogram